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3 Tips for a Perfect Smile Without Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile without Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry | Is it possible to get a perfect smile without cosmetic dentistry? Maybe! A lot of patients wish for a beautiful smile. And fortunately, there are ways to achieve it without extensive dental procedures. You may still need to consult with us regarding dental enhancements. But, if your concerns are less complex, then these 3 tips are just for you!

cosmetic dentistry  cosmetic dentistry 3 Tips for a Perfect Smile Without Cosmetic Dentistry shutterstock 151189646 1Make it a habit.

Brush twice a day and floss daily. Believe me. This standard dental care habit goes a long way. You will avoid tooth decay, gum disease, stains, and bad breath. All of these issues intertwine with each other and lead to cavities, tooth loss, and discoloration. If you can brush after each meal, then even better! Make it a habit and you’ll notice healthier, pink gums and stronger, whiter looking teeth.


There are cases when teeth discoloration is below the enamel. But assuming that isn’t your case, try this! Use a white enhancing toothpaste and change your diet. Surface stains are from common dietary choices like coffee, red wine, soda etc. Also, if you are not brushing enough, these stains remain on your teeth and worsen over time. Yikes! Instead, consume those food staining beverages less and use toothpaste designed for whiter teeth. Improvement won’t happen overnight, but you’ll notice a brighter change with time.

Keep them straight.

If your current teeth alignment is just fine, let’s keep it that way! Not all adults have their wisdom teeth removed. Some keep their wisdom teeth because they are not bothersome. However, wisdom teeth can cause issues for your other teeth. Wisdom teeth create teeth shifting overtime due to overcrowding. And, they also cause tooth decay and gum disease. So, save yourself from future dental work and remove your wisdom teeth soon.

Your smile is unique and everyone has different dental goals. Consult with us today to learn how to improve your smile with or without cosmetic dentistry. Call (617) 600-3442 or book an appointment online.